Lily Dawn

buckle up

the scene
two minutes
in my head
locked in the bathroom
trapped in the corner
with your body
like a seat belt
trying to buckle me in
some car sinking
to the bottom of a lake.
I'm flailing for the button,
the one that sets me free,
snaps back your
seat belt body,
but your breath
hot on my neck
and your teeth
sharp on my ears
as your fingers creep
up my dress and twist
around my panties,
you're thinking they will float away
with the current.
I take my last breath,
suck the air in hard,
expanding my diaphragm
to make room for fear,
because oh shit,
oh shit,
I'm going under,
I will drown,
when I finally rip that seat belt off me
make a run for the door,
my hands, slippery with
the sweat from your body,
still manage to jerk open that latch
and swim
like a champion
to shore.


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